Battle chickens losing focus/med?

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Hello! I'm guessing it's been some time since most have done anything with battle chickens, but I've recently gotten back into them. I'm thinking something buggy is going on since the revamp to pets/pet training. 

I and some mates are training battle chickens. Some have meditation, some have focus, some have both, and some have neither. When training the chickens, it seems that while they may gain focus and meditation, once they're put into a coop after training, they lose some or all of that skill progress. If they lose it all, it never comes back. Putting the battle chickens into the stable instead of a coop seems to prevent the skill loss. 

Any ideas? Is this a bug?



  • KitiaraKitiara Posts: 63
    Just had another guildie train a bird up to GM parry and meditation, put it into a coop, and it was cut to 50 parry and med when he took it back out. @Kyronix this definitely seems like a bug. Nobody that is stabling their battle chickens is losing skills. 
  • KitiaraKitiara Posts: 63
    To replicate the issue, today I took a fresh battle chicken that started with some focus skill. I trained it up to 60 wrestling. Put it in a coop. Took it back out. Used animal lore to view skills (120 tamer). Focus was gone. Anatomy/tactics/wrestling unchanged. 
  • KitiaraKitiara Posts: 63
    2 updates: a bird that was fully trained on Jan 7 was put in a coop, taken out on Jan 21, and had lost skill points across all skills (and meditation reset to zero). Bird fought in chicken fights and afterward, meditation was gaining again. 

    The bird I posted about on Jan 5 was put into the stable instead of a coop that night. Took him out Jan 21. All skills remained the same (focus still missing). Used him in chicken fights. Afterward, focus was gaining again. Put him back in the stable. We'll see what happens in 2 weeks. 
  • Still a bug. 
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