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Description: Angelique is often seen with her long pink hair and pink pants and doublet, with a clean white shirt and black boots.

Background: Angelique took over the RBG station as head of the RBG back in October of 2018. Since then, she has made sure to keep a close eye on the guards to ensure that things run smoothly and the cities remain as safe as possible. She continues to meet with the Guards regularly to ensure that Britannia is kept safe and sound for the people.


Description: Bright green hair with a white chemise, black leather pants, matching cape and green boots.

History: Sarina was introduced to us on 10/03/18 when we were informed about some Dragon Poachers in Britain. Sarina proved to be a great help in finding those responsible and returning the baby dragon to it’s mother before chaos could ensue.

Dead or Alive: Alive


Description: Blonde hair, off white shirt, brown pants, dark grey boots and a violet vest.

History: We met Alistair on 10/03/18 as he was camping near the entrance of Destard. Where he told us of the poachers that made off with a dragon egg! He was a great help in showing us where to go and who to follow.

Dead or Alive: Alive

Mama & Baby Dragon

Description: One rather large red dragon and one rather small, newly hatched, baby dragon.

History: These two were introduced to us on 10/03/18 when we were looking for the mama dragons baby. She was commanding the other dragons to find her baby as they rampaged through the countryside. Thankfully she decided to hold off their rampage to allow us to try and find her baby for her. Upon doing so, she was very grateful to us and told us should we ever require her help, she would be most happy to do so. Upon returning the egg, it seemed to hatch and a baby dragon was born! Thankfully the baby did not get to be born without mama beside it.

Dead or Alive: Alive

Bezelwig The Poacher

Description: Purple with the appearance of an Ice Fiend.

History: Bezelwig was introduced to us on 10/03/18 when we were informed about some Dragon Poachers in Britain. Bezelwig seemed to be the mastermind behind the whole ordeal as he was trying to gather forces of daemons and the like to raise a dragon of their own for their own evil purposes!! It didn’t end well for the poor fellow, as he was defeated.

Dead or Alive: Dead


Description: A ghostly figure who met a tragic end in his platemail attire.

History: Mikael was introduced to us on 10/10/18 when we were informed about his own murder! Seeming unable to find rest, Mikael came to us in his Ghostly form to aid us in our investigation into his murder and much more. He still to this day roams Britannia assisting and watching over as he did in life.

Dead or Alive: Ghost


Description: Black hair, black beard, black mustache. Dark grey robe and shoes. The epitome of evil.

History: Desmond was introduced to us on 10/10/18 and escaped on 10/24/18. He seemed to take Mariah on head to head as he tried to bring on an undead army upon Britannia. Thankfully, we arrived just in time to cancel out his ritual and stop him from moving forward. But just as we were apprehending him, he managed to escape into the shadows. Who knows if we’ll ever see him again..

Dead or Alive: Alive

Little Brittany

Description: Blonde hair in pigtails, braided to the ends with a pretty tourmaline colored dress. An adorable little girl.

History: Brittany was introduced to us on 11/07/18. She seemed to be the one who got her little hands on the Pen of Wisdom and managed to bring all the storybook characters to life! She really enjoyed having tea with all the Princesses, but the villains decided they were going to have their fun too in the process! Thankfully we sent everyone home safely.

Dead or Alive: Alive

Mr Gobbles

Description: A giant turkey..

History: Mr Gobbles was introduced to us on 11/28/18. He seemed unhappy that Britannians were eating turkeys for Thanksgiving! He thought he’d rally the troops and other critters to try and convince us to stop eating turkey. But it didn’t exactly work in his favor. Needless to say, we defeated his champion and he vowed to leave us alone.. for another year.

Dead or Alive: Alive

A Grinch’s Wife

Description: A furry, lime green demon spawn.

History: The Grinch’s Wife was introduced to us on 12/05/18. She was very upset that her poor husband always seems to get the short end of the stick on Christmas. So she was going to ensure that never happened again! She made sure the poor reindeer went rabid! But we were able to save a good lot of the reindeer and ultimately save Christmas!

Dead or Alive: Dead

Santa Claus

Description: The jolly old man himself!

History: Santa Claus visited us on 12/05/18. He asked for our help, because his poor reindeer were going RABID! So we had to investigate and fix the issue post haste to ensure that Christmas could be on time for Britannia! Thankfully, as we always do, we succeeded!

Dead or Alive: Alive


Description: Blonde pigtails, green dress and shoes to match.

History: Pamela was introduced to us on 12/19/18. She came to us to help us with the strange plague that seemed to be going around Yew. She helped us find the source of it and told us of how it may have started. She also helped us find Leelaa!

Dead or Alive: Alive

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    Pure Evil

    Description: A pure blackened demonic creature from another world.

    History: Pure Evil was introduced to us on 12/19/18 and defeated on 01/30/19. He seemed to be after Leelaa. He managed to take out some Britannians in the process, but we ultimately sent him to the netherworld. In doing so, we were also able to heal everyone with Leelaa’s help.

    Dead or Alive: Dead


    Description: Short orange hair, an off white shirt, black boots and oddly colored and almost metallic pants.

    History: Leelaa was introduced to us on 12/19/18 and departed on 02/06/19. Leelaa escaped to our planet to find refuge as the last surviving member of her own people from Pure Evil. In doing so, she managed to bring Evil and the plague here, of course, not purposely. In the end, she helped us defeat Evil and departed to hopefully find a new place to stay and maybe even find a few of her people that may have escaped as well. She left a communication device with Angelique, should we ever need her help.

    Dead or Alive: Alive


    Description: Blue Hair, Blue Beard.

    History: Alister was introduced to us on 02/13/19. He was asking our help to make a very special someone a very special jewelry box. We helped him get some very special materials to make his love (a Barmaid) a jewelry box and ask her out on a date. Of course, she said yes! Let’s hope they’re still together!

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    Shawn the Daemon

    Description: A Daemon

    History: Shawn was introduced to us on 02/27/19. Shawn challenged Mariah to another ‘game’ to take her soul and ours! We had to guess his name in this game. Turns out, we’re really good at it, as we guessed his name and were allowed to leave. Shawn had to reluctantly let us go.. but I’m sure it won’t be the last we’ll see of him.

    Dead or Alive: Alive


    Description: A Leprechaun

    History: O’Malley was introduced to us on 03/13/19. He wanted some help in finding his missing gold! Of course, we were keen to help him out! We managed to find it post haste and send him on his way.

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    A Ogre Mastermind

    Description: A bluish Ogre

    History: This Ogre was introduced to us on 03/13/19. He was the one that stole the Leprechauns treasure to try and fund his own evil doings. Not the smartest bulb in the bunch though. As he was easily defeated by us.

    Dead or Alive: Dead


    Description: A beautiful Green Siren in a Blue Kimono and a neatly done white single braid.

    History: Vanessa was introduced to us on 07/31/19 for the Summer Fun Festival. She was letting us know about the upset aquatic animals that were attacking the shores. She helped us quell them and send them back to the ocean waters at peace.

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    Mistress Of Ceremony

    Description: Purple Hair, Purple Attire.

    History: The Mistress Of Ceremony was introduced to us on 07/24/19. She was the head of ceremony for the first ever Chesapeake Olympics!! Guiding us through all of the events as we enjoyed just a fun day! Hope to see her every year!

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    Albert (Former Loyal Cultist)

    Description: An old farmer man.

    History: Albert was introduced to us on 08/07/19. He told us about how these cults were coming for him and telling him if he didn’t join, they would ruin him! They ended up taking 80% of his farm goods while he was ‘enrolled’. We helped him get out of the cult and he was ever so grateful!

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    A Loyal Cultist

    Description: A sneaky woman dressed in red. With side buns.

    History: This Loyal Cultist was introduced to us on 08/14/19. We caught her in the act mixing some poisoned fruit punch for the cult followers and even innocent Britannians!! Instead of taking her in, we made a deal with her, if she gave up the leader, we would let her go and she wouldn’t do this again. Indeed, she made good on her word, so we made good on ours and she ran off into the distance.

    Dead or Alive: Alive

    Xevial (A suspicious Character)

    Description: A well dressed blonde haired man in blue and white.

    History: Xevial was introduced to us on 08/07/19 and defeated on 08/14/19. This evil man managed to make the Fellowship and another group look like they were in charge and warring with each other!! In his scheme, he was attempting to have them rid of each other, before taking over and becoming cult supreme! Hopefully taking over the kingdom itself! Thankfully, we weren’t going to let that happen and we sent him to Hades.

    Dead or Alive: Dead

    Chesapeake EM
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