KirthagKirthag Posts: 541
for the first time in several years - I see a star atop the tree!
such a wonderful thing to see after fighting at the shrines!
awesome job Pacific! 
don't forget to get your present later!

star.jpg 118.2K


  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited December 2019

    That's the Minoc star.

    We're very very close to getting another star in New Magincia.

    We just need another 8 or 9 crafters to donate 10 LG exceptional 20 weapons BODs.  Those are worth 100+ bank points each.  If just 8 or 9 players do 10 LG BODs we should have this star.

  • We have another star.  New Magincia has a star.

    Bring all your characters to New Mag.  Free BODS for anyone that needs one.
  • VioletViolet Posts: 372
    Congrats pacific! x 2

  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited December 2019

    I can't do much for Skara Brae because I'm out of LG BODs.

    When it's Trinsic's turn though,  I was donated a book of LG BODs to fill for Trinsic so that's what I'm working on now.  I'm sure I should have at least 6000-7000 bank points for the Trinsic tree.

    It takes 24-25k bank points to get to the star.

    The best method if you have them is to fill iron weapon LARGE BODs.  Bribe them up to 20X.  They are worth 100-120 bank points each when donated to the elf.

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