@ Kyronix: Will there be a change converting Hawkind's Robe with Tabard after Jolly Roger is finish?

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Title said it all. Would nice to ge a positive answer if this possibilty would remain ingame. Not all of us have this robe to convert it within the running event. And the drop at Shadow Roof is much more than rarest with a lousy RNG ;). And the tabard are looking cool.

Btw. tabard and cloak of virtues...will there be any change to get them one day as a recipe like the belts, the collar or the hoods - only as a decorative cloth part for RP Chars without the "Virtue"-Sign. This would be cool and coolest! :smiley: <3

A little less ego-thinking, know-it-all and rumbling compared to others who aren't so "great" and the UO-life would be a whole corner easier

(Ein bisschen weniger Ego-Denken, Besserwisserei und Rumprollerei anderen gegenüber die halt nicht so "toll sind" und das UO-Leben wäre ne ganze Ecke einfacher)


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    Yes, you can put a conversion station by Hawkwind in Eodon.  I have not decided if I want to convert all of mine. So it would be nice to know if we can decide to convert at a later date.

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    PIty you cant convert ANY ROBE to a tabard.

    Cheers MissE

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    Agreed, would love to have some We Are Pirates, Tabards.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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