Invasion Spellbook Request

I respectfully submit the following thoughts:

- The mage class is significantly underpowered in PvM compared with most other PvM templates.  The only real exception to this is a very high SDI mage suit and magery paired with an additional school of magic.

- The highest SDI spellbook currently obtainable through content is the Scrappers, which is 25 SDI.

- 2017 saw the introduction of the 50 SDI standard book and 30 SDI slayer books.  For the standard SDI, this is double what is currently obtainable in game.  There were also slayer books that are not obtainable on a scrappers.

- Maximum suit SDI is currently at 160, of which an 50 SDI invasion spellbook accounts for 31%.  That is nearly 1/3 of the maximum achievable SDI from a single item that can not be obtained through content... with the closest alternative being 1/6 of the total. 

- It has been more than 2 years since the invasion spellbooks have been available ingame.

- I believe an item that provides double the benefit of any other item available for that equipment slot should not remain indefinitely unavailable through game content, particularly for a class that struggles to remain on par with other classes.

- With more than 2 years there has been ample time for players who participated in the event to have an advantage, or to profit from their participation.  IMO, it is time to make the playing field a little more even.

@Kyronix @Mesanna

Please consider adding these spellbooks to the game in some fashion.  I would propose they would make a great addition as a drop in Mage Horde or Mage Trove treasure maps.  Another idea would be to have one drop on Anon's corpse if he is the final boss of the Shadowguard roof encounter.  I am not super particular about how, I just think these should be obtainable some other way than just purchasing them from another player.


  • FortisFortis Posts: 387
    exchange a cameo for one
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,403
    And since we are talking about Spellbooks and Spellcasters being underpowered in PVM, how about it is time to finally be able to get Spellbooks, ALL Spellcasting skills spellbooks (Magery, Spellweaving, Necromancing, Mysticism) to be able to carry properties on them and, among them, LUCK ?

    That I know of, infact, Magery and Necromancy are the Spellcasting skills to have some properties come on spellbooks (Magery better then Necromancy with that), but none for Spellweaving or Mysticism....

    NO Spellcasting skill, that I know of, contrary to Dexers who can have it on their Weapon AND Shield, has LUCK as a property that can come or be imbued on a spellbook....

    @Kyronix , @Bleak , can we please look at that too ?

  • MargeMarge Posts: 657
    Clainin’s Spellbook 80 Luck
    Vesper Museum

  • poppspopps Posts: 3,403
    Marge said:
    Clainin’s Spellbook 80 Luck
    Vesper Museum

    But other then that, which is for Magery, is there any other ?

    And, also, it only comes with Mana Regeneration 3 and Lower Reagent Cost 15% .....

    Compare that with what a Warrior can have, besides Luck (higher then 80), on their Weapon and/or Shield.....

    Maybe something could be done to get better Luck on Spellcasters' spellbooks ?
  • FortisFortis Posts: 387
    i agree with you popps for luck and sdi
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