Vendor Search not available on all shards?

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Happened middle of last evening, noticed on ATL, checked Great Lakes and Siege, Vendor Search grayed out on all characters I checked on multiple accounts...


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    Jolly Roger – World Wide Release



    We are pleased to announce that as of each shard’s normal maintenance beginning December 3, 2019 Jolly Roger will be deployed world wide.

    A few highlights in Jolly Roger include –

    • Shrine Battles – Visit the Town Cryer near you to learn about this new adventure!
    • Mannequin Upgrade – mix and match equipment and see which suits work best using the new updated Mannequin interface!
    • Holiday Gifts – A holiday treat for all veteran characters at least 30 days old logging in between Tuesday, December 3, 2019 12:01:00 AM GMT-05:00 and Friday, January 3, 2020 11:59:00 PM GMT-05:00
    • Artisan Festival & Krampus update with new rewards to collect!
    • New items coming soon to the Ultima Store – the Stable Set & Pet Whistle!

    Please note that Vendor Search will be disabled until the publish has been deployed to all shards while maintenance is performed on the database.

    Please also note this publish includes a mandatory client patch.  Please make sure you patch up your client before trying to access any shard.

    This is just a small sampling of everything that is included in this publish, check out the Jolly Roger publish notes for more details!


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  • Doh, missed that...  I guess last night @ 8p Mountain Time was probably 12/3 on some shard somewhere, that's why it started on 12/2.
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