Mib's and the elucive White scroll

I don't mean to complain but Mesanna this needs a look.  On Atlantic my fisher got busy and accumulated near 80 Mibs.   I was hopeful to get at least 5 or 6 white scrolls...… nope not a one.
Not 1 darn white scroll..   I went to Origin, Another of my fishing characters and pops 40 0f her mibs… I got 8 white scrolls....  Catskills too I did 20 and got 3 white scrolls...  OK what gives??? Is Atlantic fishers being punished??   its not fair to open what any other shard fisher would get at least 1 of 20 this is frustrating.   


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    Did you open those MiBs all at once in a straight pattern ?

    The reason I am asking, is that, at least to my experience, for reasons beyond my comprehension, Ultima Online's RNG seems to like "streaks".....

    That is, it could be that those 80 Mibs on Atlantic where hit by a "bad streak" that yielded you no white scroll....

    After trying a few Mibs not getting any white scroll, I think that one should go to do else and come back at a good later time hoping the RNG, with time passed, might be more beneficial that second time....

    I understand that this makes no sense, because, at least to my opinion, a "Random" Number Generator should not produce streaks or, at least, very very hardly.... yet, at least to my personal experience in Ultima Online, this is what, playing, I have noticed that happens one too often, unfortunately.....

    Until Ultima Online's RNG gets seriously reworked and thus no longer producing streaks, personally, when I hit a bad "streak", I stop doing that thing and go do something else, letting a good chunk of time pass by before I try again....

    Sometimes it works, and when I try again I get something nice, sometimes it doesn't... unfortunately, though, there is not much else, as a player, that I can try to beat the unlucky streaks of UO's RNG.
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    You just got unlucky - I opened 500 mibs about 2 days ago and got 30 ancient (white) SOSs. ( I always open them at one time once my locker is full.) I had to open in batches of 125. One batch I opened about half before I got one. I also had on my luck suit and had hit the statue - probably didn't really help but it surely didn't hurt.
    When you open them in large batches, it is easier to see average is usually spot on.
  • She said she opened 80...that sounds like a fairly large batch to me.

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    "I had to open in batches of 125. One batch I opened about half before I got one. "

    This means I opened at least 62 before I got an ancient - it could have been more that.

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    You had a lot of luck in total Lady Storm.

    Opening 140 and getting 11 are really nice numbers. The odds are 1/20 and you had 1/13. Marges number are closer to 1/20 at 1/17.

    Streakiness in uo random number generator didnt work well for you on Atlantic but it gave back a lot on Origin. 1/5 is a very very high outcome.
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    There are many Myths about failures in UO.  I would have done like Popps said and after 30 I would come back later.  Watch crafting.  On a 20% item you can make 8 in a row or miss 15 in a row.

    Other things to try when you have Bad Luck:
    Eat food
    Stop and do something else then return
    Go make a Purple Llama
    Mount and dismount
    Spin around five times
    Im sure there are more.

    My Favorite game in Vegas is Craps.  I love to hear all of the things that give the table bad luck.
    Or all of the superstitions the players have about things happening around them.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • Long Long ago, back when the devs would just randomly pop into the game (pre AoS even) I had to good fortune to bump into one.  I asked if eating would end a run of fails, of course I was talking about casting and trying to gain magery, but I imagine it holds true for all.

    His reply to me was, no.  But it appeared so, because the act of eating was a different action, and completely wiped and reset the RNG.  So fail fail fail, eat, and succeed, isn't because you ate, it was becuase you did something different.  He said the same would be accomplished by taking one step any direction, recalling to another area, anything to break the chain and restart the odds...

    Now, whether he really knew, or was just blowing smoke up my arse, I have no way of knowing LOL
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