Isn't It Time Each Account Should Be Able To Place A 7x7?

I missed out on grandfathered houses and I've always thought it would be great to own more than one house (without opening more accounts). I would be happy with a nice little extra 7x7. It could be a pricey item to buy from the Uo store or it could cost 5-10m a month to rent... or maybe even both. I know ATL doesnt have tons of empty spaces but lots of other shards do. I know you can place a extra house on Siege but thats not the point here. Anyone else with me on this?
  1. Would you like to be able to own a second house on your account (7x7)18 votes
    1. Yes - A extra 7x7 would be awesome
    2. No - I love walking around in mostly empty woods


  • As a Siege player, I'd take empty woods over a bunch of houses that nobody uses. I voted no, but really I don't care what stupid ideas you want to use to screw up production shards even more.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    ?????  $5 a month for an extra 7x7 house when you can pay $10 and get a castle or any other size house and a new account
  • I think at this point each account should be allowed ONE extra house 10x10 or smaller, on any shard.  For free...
  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
    My vote:
    Add a new category of houses on the placement tool.  These houses would be between 7x7 and 10x10 and would not count against the 1 house per account rule, but would still be limited to 1 per shard.  Houses would remain refreshed as long as the account was paid, but would not receive the grace period when the account goes in active.
  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
    Bilbo said:
    ?????  $5 a month for an extra 7x7 house when you can pay $10 and get a castle or any other size house and a new account
    Perhaps you should re-read his post.
  • I would go for 1 additional small per account, and only one...1 per shard would end up with the smaller shards drowned in small houses...a few Atlantic players could place 15-20 houses per shard lol.  So no to one additional per shard, just make it one additional, period.
  • definetly not, UO already shot themselves in the foot by allowing endless journey accounts to basically be able to do everything in game for free, it was a huge mistake the amount of freedom they gave, I would be willing to bet right now that there is probably more active ej accounts than there is paid accounts which is really bad, now on top of that you want to circumvent something as petty as paying for a second account if you want a second house? I am a returning player I am on disability and I currently have multiple accounts so I can have multiple houses, WHY? because as a long time mmo player/gamer I believe in supporting the game you play, I do not believe that they should give a second house NOW by that same option I DO believe that they should sell blank keep and blank castle spots in their store allowing a player to place a keep or castle and design it anyway they see fit for their own personal enjoyment, although that would also detract from the keep/castle contests we have on test center
  • CetricCetric Posts: 152
    Rent a house sounds like a good gold sink
  • TrismegistosTrismegistos Posts: 180
    edited November 2019
    No additional house!
    Everything in this direction will be abused.
    Gold sink, ha.. The billionaires have enough money to rent until Armageddon. Raise the fee leads to non billionaires can't pay it (long).
    Did I mention, it will be abused?!!

    And to the OP. Don't try to influence the election by using negative aspects in the answer you don't want. In this case no.
    I vote no and New homes will be empty hulls if they add additional houses. The empty shard will still be a empty shard.

  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,654
    How about 7x7 apartments or condos? You can either rent or own outright. Put the apartment / condo buildings in the Malas void.  That would prevent shards from being inundated with small houses owned by the billionaires. 
  • Well you all are going off the deep end and forget the fact Mesanna will not let this happen. Period.
    When that lady says no she means it.  
    It was suggested many times over the years to give the older vets a second house on Siege..  It happened but she vowed to never give in to the main stream shards to do the same. No matter how empty they get.   You would be better served to up the house storage capacity then bug for a second house.
  • It was suggested many times over the years to give the older vets a second house on Siege.. 

    What a train wreck that has been for Siege.  Empty plots and small unused houses all over the shard.  Taking up good locations for actual active Siege players.
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