Keep Contest

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I spent time today going through all the keep contest houses and picked out my favorites. I love seeing everyone put so much effort into these designs!

Oh, also I haven't voted yet since I wasn't sure when the design process was over.

Here's my list in no particular order so far <3

6 -- Blackrose Keep by Pan -- best design for decorating

9 -- UMP Towers by Missy -- best classic estate

12 -- Maison au bord de la by Voice - best design flow

19 -- The Five Points by Kirthan DiOrsae - best creative design

27 -- Toads with an attitude by Queen Toad - best elegant design

45 -- Sampire Castle by Daimyou -- best characteristic design

48 -- Maison De Aneha by Aneha Kenchiku -- best homey feel design


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