unable to summon charybdis

asunaasuna Posts: 35
been trying for a few weeks now but everytime we try to summon charybdis on different shards the bait is consumed with no message or bubbles. Starting to wonder if its bugged. anyone else having this issue.


  • VioletViolet Posts: 361
    Are you using the Oracle of the Seas to find it?  We do Charybdis on multiple servers and have not had a problem summoning it.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    It is working.  You can not summon it in the North. Cant use Minoc, Yew etc. It spawns on the subserver you use the Oracle on.


    I use this map. https://uo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/trammel_all_lines.jpg
    I summon in the Lower left Quadrant. Jhelom is near the lower tip.  I have runes along the land.
    Recall to a spot on shore and set sail for a short trip to the spot.

  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 116
    If you are using EC client with Pincos UI, I had the issue that the map somehow changed north with south vice versa. So I was at the wrong spot. Double check the coordinates with a sextant to see if also the north/south and east/west are right.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    ya we have  tried everywhere and dont think its working tried jhelom this morning and still wont let me summon it lost 28 bait so far getting nothing not even a message. everyone i ask on asuka and izumo is having the same issue no one can get charybdis to spawn 
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    it is clearly not working as when fishing with the bait@ the exact cords 
     ur supposed to get a message or bubbles not "nothing"
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,402Moderator
    Does your fisherman have the oracle in his back pack as well as the bait?
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    bait is on her fishing pole and she has 5 oracles in her pack, i personally have tried sonoma,catskills,izumo,napa and same thing on everyshard no message. the real issue is no message given but the bait being used so its not trigger the cliloc file. 
  • are you using the fisherman suit that buff the bait strenght ?
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    You need to be more specific.

    Are you catching fish or boots?

    Do you get bubbles?

    Are there any messages when they fish?

    One of the links tells you all the signs and messages of something wrong.

    My fisherman is 101 skill. I've never failed after the second bait.

    I go to the side of the ship with toon at exact coords.  Fish right next to ship.

    Good Luck. New patch now.

  • Yea ive been summoning them no problem, you gotta be on the exact coord.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    not sure how i can be more specific im in the right spot. no bubbles just says you dont catch anything and it consumes the bait.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    was only able to summon 2 successfully the day after pub 106. after that just been wasting bait. it shouldnt use bait if nothing is summoned correct?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    It uses bait on fails.  It uses bait if you are in wrong place also.

    Some rules:

    The oracle must remain in the fisherman’s pack for the location to remain valid. 

    A fisherman of grandmaster or higher skill has a 25% chance of summoning Charydbis  when using a fishing pole with Charybdis bait and having the Oracle in his pack, 

    Not many are on LS yet.  Im sure we will try one by Sunday.

  • VioletViolet Posts: 361
    Went out tonight on Chesapeake, got him first cast.

  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    so 25% chance of loosing bait???? at 1-6m a pop wow shit rate
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    just tried to summon on TC this morning and after me and a friend trying both facets using well over 500 baits and nothing . still say its broken was at the exact coord and nothing no bubbles no boots just says you dont catch anything.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    charybdis is definitely broken .  just like how corgul currently despawns mid fight half the time . or how the island has nothing when you arrived at corgul island even tho its a fresh map but no spawn or boss and the island is locked for 2hours. 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    edited November 2019
    We had the Corgul disappear one time.  Paged a GM and he fixed it in 10 min.  Did a Corgul last night and was fine.  We do Corgul at least 14 times a week.

    I have more issues with dropping the map next to the Helmsman and it getting stuck in the middle of my Brit ship deck than any other issues.  A GM also fixes that.

    Page a GM when you are at the Charybdis spot.  Something is wrong with your method.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    you must have a pocket GM i tend to wait hours for a GMs response. ya iv been doing corguls 5-10times per day since the loots buffed but its buggy all the time. in the last 20years of playing uo iv only have a gm respond in game less than 10times out of thousands of pages for bugs or being stuck.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,182
    asuna said:
    just tried to summon on TC this morning and after me and a friend trying both facets using well over 500 baits and nothing . still say its broken was at the exact coord and nothing no bubbles no boots just says you dont catch anything.
    Wow!  you have my sympathy, gathering 500 charybdis bait must have taken a lot of doing.  I wish I could think of something to help.

    @Pawain try pulling the helmsman's lifebar off and dropping the map on that. It's what I do now, after having dropped the thing on the deck many times when sailing to a map doing fishing quests.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336

    @ Pawain try pulling the helmsman's lifebar off and dropping the map on that. It's what I do now, after having dropped the thing on the deck many times when sailing to a map doing fishing quests.

    I found out the helmsman turns into a "ghost" sometimes. They are there but if I hover over them or walk over them the graphic breaks up. So that must be when the map drops into the ship.  I can use the cntr/shft bar or walk through him first to make sure he is solid.

    I Love my Pocket GM!!
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    @Petra_Fyde ; we used the 500 on TC only wasted about 40 on production shards so far.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    test center
  • VioletViolet Posts: 361
    Sounds like you are missing something.  

    We've done Charybdis well over 50 times since patch on multiple shards. Not once an issue that wasn't player error (accidentally boating to the wrong coordinates once). 

    What is the skill of the fisherman? 

    What subserver? (can you give examples of the coordinates?

    Perhaps make a video of you attempting to do it? Start where you click the oracle to where you try to boat it up, showing fisherman's skill, bait on fishing pole, etc.  Then maybe we can see what you perhaps are doing wrong.

    Since you are the only one experiencing this problem it's more likely your character is bugged vs Charybdis being bugged.

  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    im not the only one this happens to izumo,catskills,sonoma,asuka  have 120fishing start near jhelom. in our group we have about 16 or so 120 fishers no ones been able to summon it in total probably have wasted 300bait between us all and 5 of them used to constantly summon Charybdis before the pub106 no problem and now they say that is it 100% bugged. so im going to have to go with that it is bugged and not me since its only been an issue since the publish. we used to do charybdis fine before 106 fine and now its broken. would like it fixed soon before the loot goes back to normal. it is 100% broken.
  • KhyroKhyro Posts: 226
    I mean, no one is saying you aren't having an issue summoning Charybdis, but others are able to successfully do it recently (our guild being one of them), so to say Charybdis is 100% broken is not accurate.

    You say you try near Jhelom, have you tried any other subservers? Try starting at the Buccaneer's Den Docks and use the Oracle from there. Maybe there is an issue with the subserver Jhelom is on.

    You also said you have a group of 16 people, each with 120 fishing, but the same fisher that uses the oracle needs to be the one to bait their fishing pole and attempt to fish him up, so make sure that is being done.
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    Why do 16 players go on a Charybdis hunt and all have 120 fishing? You may be lucky it does not spawn.

    Only 1 player needs GM fishing or above. Only the player that is holding the Oracle can fish it up.
  • VioletViolet Posts: 361
    edited November 2019
    Decided to change the subserver we do Charybdis on to make sure there isn't a problem with summoning on the Jhelom subserver, did 5 Charybdis there last night without a problem. Have screenshots and videos.  

    Given the fact that there are recipes and hungry coconut crabs on vendors, again if you are still having issues, I would reexamine your summoning processes/character.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    no we dont take all the fishers out at once we rotate since its a real pain to switch during combat.  since this publish started we have  been offering gold to anyone that can summon it for us since not 1 of us has any success since the publish. you say you summoned 5 how many baits were used?
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