Looking for a friendly guild? SAGE recruiting new members! (Pacific)

Looking for a guild? 

As far as I'm aware, SAGE has been around Pacific practically since the dawn of Sosaria. There are players of various interests within the game and fluctuating levels of commitment, but the key qualities between members is that everyone is very friendly and helpful with each other. We often have a guild event once a week, and most nights of the week we are likely to do smaller, spontaneous events like Shadowguard, a champ spawn, or whatever latest event is in vogue from the most recent Publish. 

We are NOT a PvP guild.

Although the majority of players seem to prefer tamer-spellcaster templates, we have a few bards, archers, melee warriors, and crafters of various ilk. Always looking for more variety in templates when we go on a hunt. - We have a range of players from veteran, to returning, to new. 

(Also, as the majority of the RP alliance guilds seem to be largely inactive, do consider joining us for a hunt some time if you happen to be in the old RP alliance.)

Respond here, shout out in general chat, or stop one of our players if you see them in game.  

Hope to hear from you soon!
-Azarth / Bastian
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