Scammer Warning

"Someone" was trying to sell a 3rd year Llama Statuette as an ethereal. Its just a statue, but scummy scammers like to try and fool people. Proof below:

Map location is down where the green bars are.

While I was there I saw someone log in the house and sneak around to the vendors. I said "Hell, Is this your house?", no answer but I checked the vendor again and that item was gone. So I said, " Must be cause you took your scammy item off your vendor". I was then banned from the house. I have all that in an image as well, but will not post since it directly names the scammer, and I don't want to upset the UO site mods.

Most of you know how to avoid the scams, but I actually fell for this when I came back to UO two years ago. So its a sore spot with me, and why I am posting the warning to those who might not know.

ICQ 691 986 903

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  • JollyJadeJollyJade Posts: 578
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    Some people you could sell an apple labelled as an egg... and they would still blame everyone but themselves...

    Meanwhile in the rares forum there are people cashing out on real $$$, but that's acceptable...
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
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