Do the devs even look in this forum? Asking for uo pvp community

Been over two months since proposed changes needed. If this is not the place to discuss this how do we go about getting changes made? It’s quite obvious the devs don’t read this forum so there has to be another way.
-uo pvp community tired of evasion change splinters and many other stupid things that get overlooked due to the need of anniversaries and holiday gifts 


  • CetricCetric Posts: 152
    edited October 2019
    l o l - its funny cause its true :/
  • NikardNikard Posts: 164
    Not commenting is different not reading. Also every post is more like whining followed by trolling, with very little substance as far as good change ideas.
  • WendyWendy Posts: 31
    Yes they do!
  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 507Moderator
    I can assure you that the Dev team does read these forums. Let the PvP community you speak for know that. Thank you.
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