Pumpkin Respawn

 So I have seen several folks comment that it is too slow and pumpkins are too slow to get.  I had not really done much Pumkin Hunting this year so thought I would give it few runs to see how slow it is.

  Shard LA 

I ran the Brit Farms, Skara Farms, New Haven Farms and the Moonglow farms Fel and Tram

Total time  47 minutes

Number of Grimms found 31

Number of Pumpkins collected 23

Time started 4pm Central USA
Time Ended 4:47 Central USA

  Some fields had nothing other fields had 2-7 in them

  Ran the same fields again starting at 5pm and finished at 5:31pm  A LOT LESS Grimms to kill so much shorter time.

Number of Grimms Found 19
number of pumpkins collected 11

 Seems OK to me.  I did note that patches with multiple pumpkins tended have the grimms clustered together in corners or on the edges.  As shown in the pics. Can see where if there were multiple people running the fields it would slow to a grinding halt getting serious number of pumpkins.  Also noted that the same field had multiple pumpkins  7 the first run and 4 the second run.  The first pic is the first run and there were two more grimms in the opposite corner. Second pic is the second run and only 4 in the field that run. 

 Make what you will of these test runs and the info :)


  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,796
    Im glad we dont have to empty the fields to get them to spawn.  That changed a couple years ago.

    Notice how sparce the fields are.  They used to fill almost completely with pumpkins.  When bored I would drag them to the forge that we have on LS near a brit field and make pumpkin pies.
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  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    Most are sparse others not so much.  The New Haven farms tend to be more packed,  Skara real sparse, Brit does seem to be about a 1/3 of what it used to be.  The East Moonglow field is pretty packed, the cotton field not and the west field is not even worth going to.  The Grimms seem to respawn faster in haven.  I did not clear any regular pumpkins on the runs either Just burned through killing grimms as I found them.
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