Congrats on the new forums



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    Yes, happy dance, glad to see this forum is live now with the new content to test.  :*
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    Mesanna said:
    Welcome Everyone,  We are so happy to finally get the Forums up and running.  Remember if you do not have an active account you can not post here.
    What exactly does active account mean? An active subscription? Or also active in terms of not banned, so EJ accounts can post here too?
  • Happy to be here !
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    And there was light!
    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
  • Hello folks  ;)
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    Thank you Ultima Online. You're the best. Glad to have played this MMORPG in this life.  Look forward to more great times with UO and her community!
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    Whew I made it. Better late than never! Hello friends!  :)
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