Selling Recipes via Recipe book

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So this might be silly, but I've never sold BoDs via books (I fill them & turn them in). Knowing Recipe Books are similar in function to the BoD books, I'm not sure about a few things. Please bear with me...

I didn't test this out on TC as I didn't want to go taking ALL my recipes over there (still organizing, I have another recipe book containing over 100 recipes).

I've got a recipe book on a Commissioned vendor with several recipes in it - most are priced, some I'm still researching so they are not priced yet...

My questions are thus:

  1. Is it by design that a player could attempt to "buy" the entire recipe book? I did hit "ESC" when I put the book on the vendor, and the book says "Price: Not For Sale." as in the pic. But yet my testing friend is greeted with the purchase gump...

    and this is the response for trying to buy it...

  2. Is this the default error message for containers not for sale? Wouldn't it be wiser to just say, "This item is not for sale" as it is for other vendors? A better response would be "This container is not for sale, look inside!" All attempts at purchasing containers on a Commissioned Vendor returns that message.
  3. Does the Commissioned vendor have a gold cap? What is that gold cap? I know there is a price cap per item, but what about the vendor's holding cap? Besides, the total amount of priced recipes is about 3m or 4m... so I am confuzzled. There are other, much pricier items on that vendor (at least at the time of this writing).
  4. I noticed I couldn't add more items to the vendor once the recipe book was in the pak - although there is plenty of room. I remove the recipe book, then I can put more items on the vendor, and put the recipe book back. Is this intended?
  5. Howcome the contents of the Recipe Book are not visible on the Vendor Search? Will they be at some point in the future?
There is no wiki page for the Recipe Book (is mentioned as holiday gift only), and the BoD wiki page is rather vague on the operation of the BoD book for selling its contents. Can some operational clarification be given? Or are these strictly Commission Vendor issues? (cannot test on a normal vendor as I got rid of them - oops!)

Thanks guys.


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    Recipes in recipe books not showing up in vendor search is still an issue.
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    Do BODs show up from a Book?  I've never noticed one when searching.

    Players sell recipes out of the book.  I never noticed there was a price on them.

    Would be nice if they worked as intended.
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    They do not show up if priced in a BOD book.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,107
    So this has never worked.... 
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    Maybe have feature in the vendor search
    [v] Enable searches in BOD books / Recipe books

    But a must here is that the recipe in the book is actually for sale,
    and not like the BOD books that have hundreds of BODs but none of them are for sale.

    Then people can decided themselves if they want to search inside books or not.

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    If they are not showing up in BOD books then it is a bug, and if they also do not show up in recipe books also a bug.  It should be posted in the Bugs Forum.

    I have never wanted to sell a BOD or recipe before so I did not know this did not work as intended.
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