Welcome to Europa shard! Your EM Sarah is waiting for you!

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Dear players and Ultima Online lovers, your EM Sarah is waiting for you on Europa. I am preparing each month at least one PvM event and one PvP event so every type of game play is satisfied. 

We have an amazing RP community waiting for you on Europa and a nice old school pvp community also. 

I hope you can join us on Europa shard and keep an eye always on the calendar of uo.com to see our events schedule!


  • *Waves* 
    I'm hoping to see a bit more RP on Europa, was amazed to be running through Yew and get Taxed off some Grd Peeps  :D

  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,323

    Evening EM Sarah,

    You calling me old school?   B)

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    Welcome to the board <span>:wink:</span>
  • Ahh thank ya for em flowers Sarah. Roleplay sure is our passion and we are very happy to see Yew (aka Guardsmen Militia Of Yew) being active again. Even though they are sort of our foes ICly :D

    If anyone likes to flick by and get some social roleplay, then check out Swaggers Inn, in Vesper on Tuesday evenings. We open Swaggers Inn as a gathering hotspot for roleplayers every Tuesday from on 9pm CET until our bar staff leaves, offering social fun games, sometimes shows or even games with little prizes at times.
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    Hi Sarah!

    Anything juicy coming on Europa for Easter and/or April?

    Beside the... "ritual" (multiboxer feast of) G.M., the XXXVIII & P(sycho)vP(sycho) session, I mean... ;)

    PS: Happy Easter to you! :)
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    Hello @Ivenor , we did a pvp event on March too. I will organize three events on April, towards the end. One will be related to the Golden Man story line, one is a PvP event and the third one will be prolly another PvM event, still to decide. I will post uo.com as usual ;)
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    Hi @Sarah !

    Thanks for your reply... :)

    I was hoping in something more on the RPG/narrative side, but I understand that, unfortunately (from my PoV at least...) this aspect today is of marginal interest for the majority of UO players... :'( ;)

    Oh well: I will think about joining the Yew Militia. Unforunately for now my only human Chars on the EUR Shard are a GM Beggar (born in 1998! :) ) and a She-Ninjia/Thief, so I will have to find in my game budget some bucks to buy a Mythic Character Token and start a Fighter or whatever they need to highway rob... pardon, I mean: to righteously tax the Yew wayfarers... :D

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    Hi! Where can we find information about the upcoming events on Europa? I found a link to a facebook page, but nothing written there since september last year?
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    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
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    Anyone have an Email address for the Europa EM? 

    Have an idea for an Event. 
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    Don't know where you're going to see this.

    Cheers for the Golden Man event run, and the PvP one in Wind tonight. :)

    Whilst a lot may disagree with me, I think your getting better at running these things all the time!

    Apologies for being annoyed at the start, put yourself in my shoes, I show up in Wind on my Mage, to a PvP event in Felucca, and I cannot cast summons, fields, or area effect spells, half my spell inventory, so yeah I was a bit pissed at having dexxers nuking me, and not being able to respond.

    But, the event moved out of the guardzone enough, and I switched character to a running battle character, more of us logged in, and the fight was a lot of fun in the end. I accept we used our numbers, our teamwork was pretty crap tbh, we have a lot of new guys all gelling together. I think we know our teamwork was poor, and we used the numbers trick to roll over.

    Thanks all Europa PvPers <3 

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