lots of problems with 106

asunaasuna Posts: 35
so far 1/3 ancient SOS i do does not spawn i end up just loosing a SOS getting the message a chest has been brought up but nothing is on my boat.  
scalis,corgul,charybdis bodys dissapear on death no loot no pack drop no fame/karma gain. please fix this. 


  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    after talking with gm riviers about the lost SOS Chest i still had not moved my boat from the 2 SOS locations. I tried one spot again and on the first try got a chest without having ANY ancient SOS or regular SOS  in my pack since i got the message earlier and it have been destroyed the 2nd spot however still did not spawn a chest just fish.
  • asunaasuna Posts: 35
    scalis and corgul bodys seem to have 2 bugs . 1 makes the corpse dissapear the other is that if the corpse spawns it has ZERO loot on it. thankyou.
  • VioletViolet Posts: 361
    edited September 2019
    So, it would help if you provided more details, such as the server and facet you are on.

    For Scalis and Corgul, were you grouped or solo.
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