allow pet advancement fixing

why not introduce a way to change pet advancements by allowing pet owners to reverse the selections already made. we know how many points it takes to add things, let us get those points back to redistribute. imaging the possibilities in testing the same pet with diff selections. I'd pay $5 a token to do this. or make it a turn in reward, maybe even pirate plunder. imagine how many stable pets could be fixed.


  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
     Or be able to correct one mistake I have seen on a lot of pets and even made a few times on my own.  Forget to max base damage in the last training round.  It is very easy to get in a hurry and forget that one and it effectively makes a 100 million pet worthless LOL.
  • Agreed on this! Would be a nice quality of life improvement. Messed up a couple of pre patch mares when I came back 
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