September Event Schedule

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Hello Sonoma!

The Event schedule for September is as follows:

September 8th: Governors Meeting @ 5PM PST
September 20th: White Net Toss Event @ 7PM PST
September 22nd: The Lost artifact of T’heya Vulm Part 1 @ 7PM PST
September 29th: The Lost artifact of T’heya Vulm Part 2 @ 7PM PST

Update: Due to internet issues that occurred just short of the event, I was not able to host it. In light of this, I will be rescheduling the event for Friday the 20th at 7PM PST.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,709
    sorry about your internet issues.
    I was hoping you would cancel.
    Now we can use ethereal soulbinders & hope for the new recipes YAY
    (if the publish makes it out on time)
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