Fishing quests gone nuts.

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
I'm a 120 Fishing character.

  • I've been a governor for several years on my shard with that character, so she's not gone anywhere.
  • She's had 120 fishing on her for most of the year (I would sometimes swap it out for 100 inscription and 20 med, but not since there was snow on the ground)
  • I've gotten and done a dozen or more fishing quests in the last 2 months. All were 3-6 line quests, that included crustaceans and dungeon fish. In fact, I spent most of the afternoon fishing tormented pike for one of them.
I just went and delivered the 4 quests on the character. BOTH quests I got at the two fishers I I turned in at were ONE LINE SHALLOW WATER FISH quests, as if I was a sub-80 fisher with no fishing reputation. Only the 20 count part was an indication that it was still counting any of my fishing reputation into the calculations.

This should not even be REMOTELY possible at my level - especially not getting TWO one-liners in a 10 minute period, back to back. 

Is this a bug associated with the changes in the publish, or a sign of a deeper problem (like where I had the character mysteriously lose my governorship DURING an election cycle, after I sent a DIFFERENT character on the same account, to Atlantic and back with a shield token)?

P.S. And, please, consider doing something to crustacean fishing. They are only worth as much as deep water fish, but take 10-20 times the time and effort to fill ONE crustacean quest line, as it does to fill ANY of the fish-only quests (even a 6-line with all 3 fish categories and no crabs or lobsters). Even allowing us to craft lobster traps (with better resistance to being lost or better catch ability) would be an improvement over the status quo, were the only source of traps being being the FE, and typically half your traps being lost if you leave the rest in long enough to get 2-3 named crustaceans for every 10 placed (but only 4-6 recovered, the others lost).


  • BasaraBasara Posts: 163
    Update: Next quest after those 3 was 6 lines - but there has to be something really funky going on with the RNG and/or quest calculation/generation for an experienced 120 fisher (I was at the original High Seas Town Hall in Fairfax, and was one of the first people to get the expansion) to suddenly get 2 1-line quests (worth 10 bait uses) IN A ROW in the middle of a bunch of greater quests.
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