Minoc Market on the Square and Archery Contest

Hello Catskills,  On Monday September 23rd 2019 at 8 PM EST Minoc will be holding its monthly Archery Contest and Market on the Square.  Bring your items and archers to this event for prizes and fun.   The rules for this event is as follows

5 Shots at the Butte highest score wins  in case of a tie then we go to a 3 shot tie breaker.  

All equipment is usable  no restrictions.   so Bring your best gear

Single elimination however in case of an odd number of contestants a highest scoring eliminated player will get a chance to shoot again. so stick around .

Prizes are

1st 10 Mil Gold
2nd 5 Mil Gold
3rd 2.5 Mil Gold

Bonus 1 Mil to anyone who scores 310 Or Higher in a round.  

Your Minoc Governor

Nyre Lars
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