Pet Training Bug

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  Found a pet training bug I have not experienced before.  @kryonix

Shard Great Lakes
Location South of Zento (Well away from the Server Line)

Training Pet on Dread Pirates (Have Trained 100s here)
Pet Lesser Hiryu  (Not Bonded)
Training round going from 3-4 slot (Hit 100%)

Did Lore to advance the pet after Pirate was dead and there was no pet training blue button.

Actions I was taking Standing there occasionally using pet training mastery.

 Other Factors:  second acct that does the boating and chest looting with a beetle was present but not active after clearing the hold and deck chest and sitting on the beetle.

  Not big deal because it was a decent 108 wrestle, no color generic lesser hiryu I was going to use as a meat shield on GL.  If it had been rare color and I had more than a couple hours of getting it from 1-3 slot into it, I would probably not be particularly happy :)

  As I said I have trained hundred and experienced various bugs like the pet just disappearing never to be seen again or jumping from 1 slot to 5 slot in the first round of training.  Never seen this one though. Cough and was not doing anything to try and find bugs this time. Just run of the mill garden variety pet training.



  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
     And a second one just bit the dust.  It is training but all of the arrows and buttons on the first lore page are gone.

  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
     And it seems crossing the server line fixed them.  Went ahead and took the pirate in and lored the green one after getting to the docks and the pet training options button and arrow were back.   Went to the stable and collected the grey one and it still had no button or arrow.  Went back to ship at the dock and crossed the server line going back out to hunt and lored the grey one and its button and arrow were back.   Strange.
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    You probably lored with the other toon.  :p
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
    Pawain said:
    You probably lored with the other toon.  :p

       That was my first thought except the other toon is not a tamer and has no lore and is a elf with no joat  Just a sampire with a no skill beetle for hauling loot and finishing the pirate off once the pet gets its training %.

      Next thought was I must not have my jewels on as this is one of my few tamers without real 120 skill in tame and lore 97.8 and 113.7 to be exact  jeweled to 120.  I often take the jewels off when spamming pet training for the tame gains.  Again nope jewels were on and 120/120.

      My theory now is that when I crossed the server line it somehow nerfed my jewels so the lore screen was not seeing my jeweled skill but rather my real skill and recalling to the stable and back was not resetting it.  BUT when I crossed the server line taking the pirate in and it did the pack close thing and the test of all your jewels coming off and skill going down and back up, that  reset it. 

      Funny thing is the hiryu obeyed without question but the taming was not reading high enough to advance the pet.  Or atleast that is my theory.  The 108 is now a happy healthy 5 slot with 930 hp and waiting for me to collect the 110 scrolls to make him a semi respectable meat shield.   Saving my 120 scrolls I have collected on GL for the 7 Tritons I have managed to collect there  and for a midnight or lt blue lesser when one decides to spawn for me.  LOL I am kind of like you in the color dept but will use a grey if it has a natural 108 wrestle and 102 parry and that one had 295 HP and 212 Str to start so it was worth investing the time and some scrolls into it.............. even if it is grey LOL
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
    Err 299hp not 294
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
    ANd still boogering this up the 299 212 was the olive one, and the grey was 263/204 but the 108wr and parry made it keepable.  Usually won't keep anything less than the blues if they have under 290hp and 200 str. 
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