Castle competition entry

I have finished my entry for this latest competition and hope to get some feedback on what ever you like or dislike about it.  I have left it very open inside which allows you to add your own windows and doors wherever you may like to.  The gold colored stonework is all "add on afterwards" stuff.  You can either put them as pictured or add adjoining walls that won't look out of place in these locations.  House teleporters are on right hand side or there is a stairwell.  Also on the roof is some additional stonework, (also in gold) just to smarten it up.  These can be changed or added as you see fit.There are a couple of hidden doors on the east side so you can get out to deco the grassed areas if wanted.

I have tried to keep the outside not too cube like and interesting to look at, as well as keeping to the "castle" feel.   If you want to go for a wander through, it's on Malay at 32.37N  26.43W.

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