Kyronix: Has the way T-maps reset been changed?

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I had something happen that I wasn't expecting, after the client patch. Of course, it could be something going back to Pub 105.

A week into July, I decoded all of my Hoard T-maps. I initially sorted them as to being S/W, S/E, N/E, N/W, and then picked one of those map quadrants, and sorted them further. I then started doing maps by the location, and sorting for more localized areas. 

2 weeks later, I'd completed one quadrant, then pulled all the maps, and sorted the next. Then, the next two.

I also pulled all the remaining maps several times, in order to get the new trove maps coming in grouped together. And, in putting the decoded hoard maps back, I typically opened all of them for sorting, sorting in my pack. So, by that point, the remaining maps had been removed from storage and opened 3-5 timeBy the beginning of August, I only had S/W maps left, and was working through them. I only had 21 left, all of them in the jungle area between the Jhelom Sea, Trinsic, and Destard. I was doing maps almost daily for July and August.

Then, I log in after the client update (the one that messed up the Locker column alignments), and everything had gone to crap.

15 of the 18 hoard maps in my Davies Locker had reset to new random locations. The three that didn't appear to be ones gotten off the chest protectors (initial spawn or during chest looting) that were (after decoding) in the last area I was targeting.
The 3 Hoard Maps that had BEEN IN MY BACKPACK FOR TWO DAYS, after being removed that weekend from the Locker, ALSO RESET. And, I'd had to open those maps repeatedly in the two days after putting them in my pack, as they had been stacked in such a way that every time I died (and I died a lot), they got mixed in with my completed maps and I had to open them with each death to re-sort them. So, it's not like they were sitting in my pack, unused.

The way it was always described, you had to put maps into a locker or house/bank container for 30 days, undisturbed, to reset them. Carrying them on a character, and especially opening and reading the maps, were supposed to restart the timer.

So, what did I do wrong?

Expected: Only maps stored off-character and undisturbed for 30 days reset their locations

Bug/What happened: Maps that had been decoded 30 days, that had been in and out of lockers and opened repeatedly to compare locations (and sorted by location) in the last 10 days, plus three more that had been in the character's pack for at least 2 days, all reset as if they had been stored and set aside for 30 days.


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    Sorry to "piggyback on your post, but my problem deals with Davies Lockers as well.

    Here is what I posted:

    @Bleak @Kyronix
    If you sell UO items for R.L. $$$, you need to quit playing UO , and get a BETTER R.L. JOB!
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    In my case, my locker is one of the earliest (In fact, I was my shard's sole representative at the High Seas launch party and IIRC the 15th anniversary party, unless you count the EMs), and the lockers that are changing levels appear to be ones claimed as rewards during the last couple of publishes.
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