Terort Skitas?

I'm working my way through the Town Crier quests and I've put off the one that requires you to run through the "Exploring the Deep" quest - but now it's the only one I have left to do.

Easy enough, I suppose, as I have a Saturday to waste some time on a giant quest chain.

Except ... I can't complete it!

I'm not sure about other shards, but on Great Lakes there are two giant stone walls blocking the second way down to Level 3 from Level 2.

Is this purposeful?

Is this some left over crap from an EM event no one has cleaned up so that we can do actual game content?

It's kind of ridiculous and beyond frustrating.

~ Jennifer-Marie

"Insanity is a naturally occurring mutation; humanity has just managed to perfect it." -- JMK [[me]]


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