Turn in Points

I know it was brought up some time back, about having turn in points work like gold and being available and usable and accumulated on all characters on that account.  Is that ever going to happen? 


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    Yes, please.  Not to hijack the thread, but reputation too, please.  These grinds are harsh.
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    Feigr said:
    Yes, please.  Not to hijack the thread, but reputation too, please.  These grinds are harsh.
    Reputation wouldn't work. You'd just be creating more of a grind, really. Especially on characters who are dependent on or whose skills affect karma levels, like thieves, necromancers, and paladins. 

    And looking at it from a more RP standpoint... One character isn't the same as another. I'll just use some of my characters as an example... 

    Dorian - thief, murderer, ex-con turned more mercenary. Definitely not a character you'd really consider respectable, nor should her titles reflect that she is.

    Lennox - trainee ranger in Spiritwood. Has never necessarily done a bad deed in her life. She's respectable and intent on helping others.

    It makes as much sense for Dorian to be a Glorious Lady as it does for Lennox to be considered say, an outcast. Yet if they shared reputation, one would be at the wrong end of the spectrum for the character they are.

    In terms of turn in points... please do. It would make life so much easier. I always forget which character has points and toss stuff with the wrong one.
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    Nope to the reputation I have and need dread and glorious lords and they serve very different functions :)

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    Yes, it would be great to get that up and running. Not just the trash turn in points, couldn't it be set up for all of the donation places also?
    I do not remember if that was talked about. 

    I know that I would actually collect more items while hunting if I could just drop a whole bag of different items off at the library and or other places after each hunt. 

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