Character Still immune to Ogre Lords

TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
 Kryonix last time I ask about this you said you believed that character was fixed.   At the time I had given the account to someone else and could not check.  Yesterday that account was returned to me.  The character in question is on Siege.  The Character was in the Minax Faction.  Nothing else of factions remains on the character except the immunity to Ogre Lords.  I spent about 90 minutes one night in despise with a GM with the GM trying to figure out why Ogre Lords still ignore me. GM wa at a loss and said he would forward it to the Dev team to figure out.

  I can cast RCs, Blade Spirits, and EVs right in front of them and they won't attack the OLs.  ALL of this is still the same.  I did a T Map last night with the character that popped a couple of OLs and they just ignored me.  Not a problem so much as something I could think of a few ways to exploit if I were a exploiting type of player :)   It is a bit annoying for a T hunter though as on that tight template I can't run eval and it takes a month of Sundays to kill a OL with mind blast.  Or log on a second account with eval or a tamer to kill a few OLs .  Although quite handy when OL spawn when looting the chest. 

  Thought about stoning all of the characters skills, deleting the character and building a new character to fix it.  But then remembered how annoying getting stats back up can be. Then the 25 stat and how many 120 scrolls that character has eaten.  It would be a bit on the expensive side to rebuild the character that way.  So is the OL Immunity a bug or a *Feature* on my account ?
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