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    the dolphins are so cute!!!
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    Fun in the Sun

    I arrived just in time to catch the very beginning of Ian speech.  

    Ian: Do you have inner peace?  Most of us don't.
    Kittie: I think so?
    Vixen: Inner Peace??
    Ian: But the Fellowship wishes to help people find their inner voice.  That peace that makes life better.  I will be your guide for the Fellowship Beach Retreat.  
    Vixen: Already found mine, it lets me know when its dinner time
    Kromwell Farland: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ian: A day for mindfulness, trust, and meditation with the Fellowship
    Biscuit Kreuger: *puts on water wings*

    Ian: The Fellowship has three main principles.  Trust thy brother and sister.  Worthiness Precedes Reward.  And Strive for Unity.  On this road, we will start our work with trust.  You will learn to trust your brothers and sisters here.

    Destinie Moon: Will we get to play at the beach?
    Kromwell Farland: can we get a friend ship bracelet if we pass?
    Ian: This is the first retreat on becoming a full member of the Fellowship.  Are you ready?

    *Of course they were*  Ian then opened a gate inside the hall.

    Ian:  Take a moment to become one with this place.   Feel the sand under your feet.  Hear the waves.  Enjoy the sun and calm of this place.   Meditate on what it means to be part of the Fellowship.   *closes his eyes and hums*

    Looking around Vixen spots three Dolphins, named Bubbles,  Finley, Diva , now normally Dolphins are one with the waves and fun, but not these three.  They were catching, weighing and packaging fish for the Fellowship.   Why were they doing that?   Further investigation showed that the area they were kept in was an large open area with a huge dock all around them.  When some questioned why led to encounter with unknown forces.

    Ian:  Clearly some of you need to clear your minds better. 
    maints magic: clearly
    Ronan: maybe it's the dolphins
    Ian:  Spend some time walking this calming beach.
    Vixen: Clearly??  I think it you need to get your attitude adjusted.
    Ian: *meditates*
    Vixen: I think we need to turn the Dolphins free that is how clear mine mind is
    Ian: *meditates*
    Spoonman: I see clouds on the horizon
    Ian:  *opens his eyes*
    Destinie Moon: I feel so at Peace, when do we see the rest

    Ian: Are your minds clearer now?
    Glycerine: *coughs*  yep
    Ian: Are you ready to practice trust?
    Vixen:  yes indeed we are
    Kromwell Farland: yes
    Ian: I will share a technique Lord Batlin learned from the monks of Yew!
    Destinie Moon: Where is the rest of the trust

    Ian: He trained as a druid you know...  Follow me.

    Kromwell Farland: yes
    Duncan: That right...
    Ian: To the Trust Circle!

    He led the group over to a huge circle of stone in the sand

    Ian: A true sign of trust is to fall and let another catch you.  To give your fate to another.  
    Some of you will fall, but all of us will catch you!  Lord Batlin himself catches so many of us when we fall.

    *When one steps to the center of the circle they feel the rising and then the falling*
    Ronan: some partners aren't coordinated
    Ian: When you are ready with a partner, step into the circle.
    *Several did*
    Ian:  Some of you need to show more trust...   But all things in time...  Shall we learn more together?   Follow me..
    Laiste: nope, too afraid
    Biscuit Kreuger: *throws fish at the dolphin*
    Bubbles the Dolphin: *catches fish*
    Ian: *wades into the water*

    Summer: Hi! It's so nice to see you all again! And some new faces!
    Kittie: Oh! Hello Summer!
    Duncan: "Hello Summer."
    Hope: hello
    Summer: How wonderful!
    Ian: Welcome to our retreat!
    Summer: Odd though, that I didn't hear about this beach party sooner...  Still though, I'm so happy to say:  Welcome to the tenth annual Beach Party!!!

    Summer: *beams at everyone* My friend, Pat the Dolphin, will be along soon to frolic with all of you!
    *Now this is when it gets really interesting*
    Ian: *waves*
    Summer: Hi! Are you throwing this beach party?
    Ian: Yes, the Fellowship is holding this retreat.
    Bubbles the Dolphin: *catches fish*
    Summer: Hmm, I haven't heard of the Fellowship before...
    Finley the Dolphin: *catches fish*
    Destinie Moon: He is teaching us about our Inner Peace
    Summer: But fellowship and friendship sound good!
    Ian:  Yes, the Fellowship is good. 
    Summer: *notices the Fellowship dolphins*  Oooh, you have pet dolphins too!
    Ian: Our dolphins are not pets.  *Red Flag*
    Summer: My pet dolphin, Pat, is swimming here and and can play with them.  How delightful! It will be so wonderful to see them all frolic together!  
    Ian: These dolphins are learning that worthiness proceeds reward.
    Summer: What?  *looks confused and displeased*

    Ian: Through hard work, they are earning their reward.
    Summer: What is their reward?
    Vixen:  I am with Summer on that
    Ian: Some of fish they catch.  *2nd Red Flag*
    Summer: Dolphins can do a few tricks, if they like, but pets shouldn't have to work hard!
    Rose Red: get em Summer!
    Destinie Moon: Do they get to play?
    Summer: You should let your pets play. You should feed them because you love them.
    Vixen:  I agree with Summer

    Ian: The Fellowship will treat its members as we like. *3rd Red Flag*
    Destinie Moon: Agree, animals should be treated nicely and get to be loved
    Summer: We'll see about that!

    *Have you ever seen a storm whip up without any warnings?*
    Ian:  *gets out of the water*
    Vixen:  Free the Dolphins

    Summer: In the chaos, frees the dolphins and leads them to open water*
    Gunther von Weez: you go Summer!

    Ian:  The storm is only on the outside. My mind is at peace. 
    Crystal: *points*
    Destinie Moon: Show us how to keep that kind of peace
    Duncan: I can try to understand.   I have been in battle many times and such thinking is essential to survive.
    Rose Red: good job summer

    Bubbles the Dolphin: *waves happily*
    Vixen: *smiles*
    Ian:  I have found peace. 
    Destinie Moon: Aye i think its working and the storms might be passing
    Ian:  Trust Brother Batlin!  A long road is worth taking!
    Kittie: *whiskers twitch*
    Duncan: I will try.
    Destinie Moon: Sometimes its the most scenic
    Summer: Thank you all for helping me distract that unpleasant FORMER pet owner.  Come wave goodbye to the dolphins with me!
    Kromwell Farland: yay Summer!!!
    Diva the Dolphin: *waves happily*
    NightStriker: Be Free Little Mammels

    Duncan: "Tell Me, Ian, how will I know when I'm worthy."
    Ian:  You will know because the voice in your mind will tell you that you are worthy. 

    Summer: Okay Pat, lead your new friends away for a lifetime of fun in the sun!
    Pat the Dolphin: *squeaks happily and swims away with his new friends*

    Duncan: "I think I understand....Thank you."
    Ian:  Come back to the beach. I have more to say.  Those dolphins have more work to do to find their worth.
    Kromwell Farland: good luck with that
    Ian: I am not concerned. We have other dolphins.
    Duncan: "Indeed."
    maints magic: "sighs"
    Ian: Several of them in fact.
    Vixen: Oh Maybe Summer needs to be told that

    Ian: But that is not the matter here.  This is about your journey.  Some of you still hold onto the distrust of your former lives.  You must fight that!  Can you be strong for your brothers and sisters?
    maints magic: we are
    Ian: I will need you to break into two groups for the last Trust exercises.   I need you to stand up to Distrust!  Trust your brothers and sisters beside you!    Be ready

    Ian:  Clear your minds and hear the voice of Distrust.

    *Distrust was one mean SOG*

    *A reward of dolphin has been placed in your backpack.*

    Ian:  I hope you enjoyed your time at the Fellowship Beach Retreat.

    Thus ends this report.

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    Sorry I did not stay for the entire event as RL and a dog had to have my attention
    Remove Trap = Bad News
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