Council Meeting, 7-14-19

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Council Meeting, 7-14-19


Britain's Governor
Magincia's Governor
Moonglow's Governor
Trinsic's Governor

Skara Brae

Vacant seat
Note:  If you wish to be a part of this council on Sonoma, petition the King for that vacant seat.  You must be Adored there to accept the office of Governorship.

King Blackthorn:  Welcome!  I do apologize for the mix up today I have been so use to our old times that the new time slipped when doing the scheduling realized 2 hours ago my mistake.   Please let us have a seat.

(More small chat as the others filed in taking their seats.)

King Blackthorn: Tonight’s meeting will be a bit short. I am also not feeling well.  Think I’m catching the flu
Sonya Kristoff: ewww
Queen Mum: oh that is not good at all
Sonya Kristoff: that's not good sire

King Blackthorn: but let us continue with the governor reports.  Queen Mum has issued hers
Sonya Kristoff: an arch cure or potion should help you out
King Blackthorn: Sonya what have you to report?
Queen Mum: maybe a blessing or two  *giggles*
King Blackthorn: aye perhaps
Sonya Kristoff: sire, I report that the coffers of New Magincia fare well
King Blackthorn: Very good, anything else to report or does that end your report?

Sonya Kristoff: in addition to the net tossing event this attracts attention for the city
King Blackthorn: aye there is one scheduled for this month I believe?

Sonya Kristoff: the citizenry is on the lookout for would be assassins
Dezerai: *nods*
Sonya Kristoff: that is all I have to report sire
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Queen Mum: aye, Britain as well
King Blackthorn: Dezerai what have you to report tonight?
Dezerai: Moonglow is doing very well, our treasury is over 900 million
King Blackthorn: Oh! wonderful!
Queen Mum: *shock look*
Dezerai: Our guardian the Void Dragon still sleeps, I have nothing else to report
King Blackthorn: Glad to hear!  Thank you Dezerai.  Welcome Meche

Dezerai: Meche will return in a moment
King Blackthorn: ahh
Dezerai: she was tossed by the wards

(Note:  We did learn if you log out in the Castle that when you log back in you are tossed)

King Blackthorn: Well regarding our current menace our scouts have little to report.  The dragons Claw is up to something but I believe they have focused their attentions elsewhere.  No reports of any more attacks on governors or other officials since the last attack but I am sure we will see more of them soon.  So don’t loosen your guard just yet

Queen Mum: I will be sure to wear my invisibility cloak
King Blackthorn: Welcome Meche
Meche: Thank you, sorry I am late
King Blackthorn: It is I who should apologize for getting the times wrong  I will be sure not to make that mistake again.
Sonya Kristoff: The King is never late. everyone else is merely early
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Queen Mum: We are all in a time warp
King Blackthorn: Meche we had finished our governor reports before you arrived.  Do you have anything to report?  Thank you for the cookies
Meche: All is fair in Trinsic,  the Ettins have not returned
Queen Mum: hope they help you feel a tad better
King Blackthorn: Thank you.  Glad that Trinsic is fairing well
Meche:  we have noticed a bit more evidence of the pirates but they seem to be staying to the south of our harbors for now.  I fear we may have to assist Jhelom soon for that is the direction the ships were seen sailing toward

King Blackthorn: I had reported that our scouts had not much to report on the Dragons Claw so governors may be safe for now but not much else as of yet.

Meche: very good to hear
King Blackthorn: Jhelom you say?
Dezerai: The Pirates in the waters off of Jhelom is where Vixen was recovering Moonglow cargo
King Blackthorn: Perhaps something to look into further wonder what the pirates want with Jhelom.  Perhaps we should investigate further into that
Dezerai: a base of operations, there are far more piers there then the one at Den?
King Blackthorn: perhaps
Meche: regardless of their intentions they should beware the paladins of my fair city will never let them rest

King Blackthorn: What ever they are planning, we will put a stop to it.  I am certain of it  Does anyone else have anything to add for tonight?
Queen Mum: not I sire
Dezerai: Nothing from me

King Blackthorn: I do believe that Xanthus will need to reach out to Lady Lavender.  He may need some white nets for the event later this month  but I will let him figure that out.  Well then, I will cut this short tonight.

King Blackthorn: Would have loved to have had all governors present,  but because of the mishap
Dezerai: Next month at the early time I hope

King Blackthorn: Completely the fault of my scheduling apprentice.  I will have him hanged
Queen Mum: earlier is fine with me as well
Meche: no need for harsh punishment this time
King Blackthorn: and appoint a new one
Meche: but if it happens again maybe remove a finger or two
King Blackthorn: very well!
Sonya Kristoff: a good flogging sire?
King Blackthorn: I will take that into advisement
Dezerai: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Alright then Governors
Sonya Kristoff: good help is hard to find
King Blackthorn: I will call tonight’s meeting to an end.  Thank you all for coming.

(Note:  A short meeting in the court yard with EM Xandar, nothing really to discuss, except that the upcoming events will be titled)

Thus ends this report.

(Two of the Governors were out due to illness or surgery, the other two have yet to show at monthly meetings in a while, we all hope with the time change to 7pm CDT 2nd Sunday of the Month more will make it, we are looking forward to having a full council once more someday)
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