Warning about the Bonfire Gift

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Make ABSOLUTELY SURE you do not have a full backpack(125 items) when you click the Bonfire to claim your Bonfire.  If you click it and your backpack is full you will not get a Bonfire, it doesn't go to your bank box or anywhere else.   If you try to click again you get the following message "Sorry,  you cannot receive another item at this time" .    I apologize in advance if the moderators closed this and deleted it. 


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    LOL you finally did not break any rules, I would make you remove the last sentence tho and give you a 24 hr ban.

    I think clickies have worked that way forever. Thanks for warning the players new to gifts.  They should drop to the ground.
  • Well my pack is never full of gold like yours usually is :P
    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
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    lol Capt
  • I know I thought it would drop to ground under me, but nothing there.  So I ran to bank and open bank box, nothing there either.  I don't know why they don't repurpose the code from Christmas/anniversary gifts and vet rewards that sends it to your bank box if your backpack is full. If both backpack and bankbox is full you get that message that is something like "you can not claim this at this time remove some items from your bank box and try again".

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    It's one per char, so you can get it on another character (or 20)….
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    Or like beacon crates and give you a message that as soon as there is room in your backpack you will get the item.
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    ZekeTerra said:
    It's one per char, so you can get it on another character (or 20)….
    LoL - I forgot to lock one down and it poofed. I was disappointed for about 30 seconds before I realized I still had 20+ from alts...
  • HardyHardy Posts: 30
    This clickable finished now?
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,523
    Hardy said:
    This clickable finished now?
    it only had a six day timer on it...
    you had to click it to get the bonfire.
    If you didn't get one, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have extras
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