Dev Request: Mechanical Information on Spellweaving?

On the page for Spellweaving contains no mechanical information about the spells.  Compared to Magery for example:'

Even going outside the official site to the various wikis, the details about spellweaving spells is incomplete or incorrect.  The calculations for how your skill level and arcane focus power effect each spell are not correct when tested in game.  Attunement is specifically one of the worst offenders because it has been changed a few times (It has a 2 minute cooldown period not mentioned anywhere outside of the publish notes).  

The Arcane Focus / Arcane Circle information would be nice, as well as more details about how the Mastery passive plays into this.  


  • HarlequinHarlequin Posts: 5
    edited March 2018
    Well I think someone on the web-team must have seen this request.  The Spellweaving page has been updated with a bunch of spell data!!

    Thanks whoever you are...
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