Format, Colors, Skill Forums etc

Heyas, is there any one person in charge of this forum as in to sort out bugs, formatting issues, improvements needed etc etc.  I don't mean moderators, although a list of those stickied somewhere would be good in case you have moderating issues. 

I am having a major problem with the paleness of the background in determining when a post is new from the post above and then posts that are 'quoted' from the previous ones.  Seems a more light/dark for alternate posts would be nice, or a much thicker and darker line to separate individual posts could also make it easier to read.  This wishy washy paleness makes it that the only thing really differentiating the posts is the dark text on the username but then again when stuff is quoted that dark text stays as well. 

Could just be me but I am finding I have to scroll back a lot and try and figure out who said what, who quoted what just to 'follow' along with the convo. 

Also the skills forums need a bit of separation (not just Skills and Stats), went looking for a tamer forum and found it dumped in with the sampires and everything else.  Way too busy.  Think we need a separate forum with a similar break up to the skill sets in game, ie: a Magic (mage, necro, weaver, mystics), Combat (includes warriors, archer, sampire, pally), Wild Skills (tamers, fishing) Trade (crafting skills) Thieves (Stealing, Stealth, Lockpicking etc) and Miscellaneous for all other skills. Would assist in finding stuff related to skills and keep it more consolidated.

Also need to be able to edit posts for a month, not an hour.  No idea who thought one hour was a good idea?.

Repost from the general discussion forum.  Hope this isn't just gonna end up in a long list of other threads that noone looks at.  

Cheers MissE

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