Diminished Drop Rate for Treasure Maps?

MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
Can you please check into the drop rate for treasure maps?  For the last month or two, since we found out what Supply-level maps would contain, I've been trying to increase my supply of those maps by hunting for expert/adept maps (prior to the publish) and now supply maps.  I've been specifically hunting drakes, mummies, water elementals, and wyverns.  When I got hunting these monsters, they are the only things I hunt, unless something else gets in the way.  So it's nonstop hunting just map-dropping monsters for however long I have to hunt.

Unfortunately, the map drop rate seems to have greatly diminished, especially when compared to what it was for the anniversary event in 2017.  Just now, it took 75 minutes of nonstop hunting the above-mentioned monsters to get two supply-level maps and both came from water elementals. The first map dropped after 30 minutes and the second one dropped 45 minutes later.  And that seems to have been the pattern for quite a while now.  I'm lucky if I get one map from a water elemental about once per hour.  A week or so ago, I was shocked that a wyvern dropped a map because I was beginning to think they didn't drop them anymore.  My hunter has 950 luck on her suit, if that means anything and she's been hunting in the Trammel ruleset.

I have also been doing a lot of Hag's quests, but they don't give just supply-level maps so it seems like if that is what you want, it is probably more efficient to hunt monsters that drop supply-level maps.

Can you please look into this to see if something was perhaps inadvertently changed?  It's very discouraging at this point to be trying to get maps by actually hunting stuff that isn't miasma or dark guardians and finding out that you're just wasting your time.

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