DinoDino Posts: 27
Yesterday i tried some SoS. I marked about 50 Waypoints by using them. before the patch i had to delete this waypoints after fishing the chests. Now this goes automaticly.Thats fine for me.But after a relog all the remaining waypoints were deleted. I hope that is a bug and not wanted. Everytime i do SoS i use lots of them and then sail one area per day. With losing all the waypoints when i log out i would be not very happy.
I play EC, cant test it with CC because it doesnt work on my PC.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,702
    I have been using EC to do the maps...
    And its doing the exact opposite.
    I have to delete every waypoint, after they are fished up.
    I logged out several times yesterday and today without losing any waypoints.

    And you can't set waypoints in CC (that's an EC thing)
  • DinoDino Posts: 27
    Thank you, so i have to find the problem on my side.

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