Buggy Name on Some Maps After Completion

I just realized that at least some maps for chests dug up on Origin have a very buggy description after completion. "Somewhere in Eodon" has been substituted for the theme. Unfortunately, I don't remember which themes these actually were.  Here's what one of them looks like, as well as one that appears with the correct information.




  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
    I think I may know what these are.  I was putting completed maps from this publish in a bag with some other stuff to throw out for cleanup points.  I think these buggy maps may have been some completed maps that were already in that bag before the publish.  
  • FaerylFaeryl Posts: 273
    All my old completed maps came up broken like that... except one. It reads "unreadable treasuremap"

    It's the only completed Ilshenar map I seem to have...
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