My thief is bored! Please add new/more stealables

I'd like to see an increase in the stealable items. It would be nice to have more standard graphics as new artifacts or random stealable items, such as playing cards, cannon ball stacks or jars (items that are otherwise not widely available in game.) Obviously these would have different names or orientations so as not to lessen he server birth rares, etc. Maybe in the future there can even be thief "quests" like the town trade quests or similar to BoD orders, where you have to acquire an item with stealing.


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    I'd like more for thief's also.

    Problem with deco items, is thieves fill the market very quickly, and they become worthless.

    Problem with stuff limited on a timer, is it becomes pretty scripted, the hardcore learn the timer, and will always get there first.

    I'd like rogue rewards that have use, and are available to the casual player - like puzzles/quests requiring thief skills, so when you feel like doing one, you can, like treasure chests for t hunters.

    Kotl city hidden chests was a step in the right direction, especially when the hidden chests sometimes contained a token/blue minor artifact towards the Kotl rewards, when you removed them, the hidden chests almost became pointless.

    Sunken Ararat is ok. Dungeon Wrong is a good concept, as are the city varnish/scours stealables, and the dungeon monster stealables - all not bad.

    Dungeon Chests could maybe be beefed up a lot - and require Lockpicking/Remove Trap/Detect Hidden, rather than just telekinesis spell.

  • Random timers are a good option to stop scripters.
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    I love the thief stealables and would like to see more!  I love dying them and using them as props for roleplaying events.  Going forward, can you make certain any new stealables dye well?  For instance, the teapot and the black fans hardly look any different if you apply dyes to them.  Also, could I put in a request for artifact labeler?  It would be cool if I could label that dyed stack of yellow books as "Nystul's Journal" when i make the quest for the players to go find them.
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    Totally agree, would be good if they added in more for thieves  >:)

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    I tell you what would be a good stealable item.....a Legacy Phoenix statue ....could make it like the imprisoned squirrels and spawn a real legacy Phoenix once clicked....
    just sayin' ;)

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    Stealing need also some high end loot. 
    Example, doing a boss or make a champ when reaching level 4 they should add some spawning chest around with good loot.
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    I posted this in another thread as an idea I had:

    "I had an idea for something similar to trade orders for thieves... receive a quest from a thief guildmaster/mistress (maybe give them a static location.. a Thieves' Guild in each town) to steal various objects from various locations. The objects would have guardians that would vary as well. For example, if you steal an object from a house in a town, special guards ambush you.. either when you steal the item or at random, like trade orders. If you steal an item from a dungeon, monster guardians, etc.

    As the locations increase in remoteness (some far off spot in Ilshenar?), security (Blackthorn's Castle? Bank vaults?), or danger (dungeons?), the guardians would increase in difficulty and could include things like.. Blackthorn's elite guards or monsters if the object is in a dungeon, for example. Some could even require a group. Felucca could be incorporated by increasing the rewards for items stolen from Fel, especially like from Fel dungeons. Make the guardians in Fel tougher so that the fights last slightly longer, giving the risk to be spotted by pvpers. Essentially the same risk one would take trying to do a champ spawn, but slightly lower because the guardians shouldn't take THAT long to drop. A good place for stealing some artifacts could be Khaldun. Very underused spot.

    I noticed on the Stratics forums that governors were looking for other ways to raise revenue for their towns, so maybe for each quest completed, a certain gold amount goes to the treasury.

    It's just an idea. I'm sure it's not the pvp thief solution that a lot of thieves want, but Fel thieving is a whole 'nother beast to tackle. I still play a thief and always crave more things to do as a thief. Champ spawn thieving is hit or miss, it's a lot of time investment for little reward, most of the time. The items that spawn on timers offer no real intrigue.. it's just camping.  "
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    I'd like to see random timers and locations. No decay, they sit there until found and stolen, and can spawn anywhere at anytime. Not so much world wide where they'd have us searching behind every tree in the lands, keep general areas. Doom for example, random times and locations.
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    I do not like the idea of a thief having to deal with pvm. The templates are too tight to leave room for fighting skills. If one has to bash on monsters to get loot then that is a warrior, not a thief.

    I did send in an email to suggest something like VvV but for thieves. Random bags spawn in towns and with detect a thief could detect it (like VvV does with sigils) and steal the bag. I suggested the rewards be low but usable like trade quests are or low end powerscrolls. I feel this would make stealing worth playing as a main template again.  

    I also suggested begging be bumped as well. Currently it is only used at Halloween. If NPCs gave more gold and minor loot (also like trade quests) I think begging would become popular again. 

    We don't need overly complicated systems or very high end rewards to make templates worth playing again. We just need some rewards brought up to current day instead of being stuck in 1997.


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