What are your top 10 favorite artifacts?



  • AmeliaAmelia Posts: 5
    Solaria's Secret Poisons - expensive and hard to get, but reward is huge. 10 HCI helps removing it from Jewelry and makse more space for skill poins
    Sentinel's Mempo - perfect item for warriors. A lot of stats, good resists, LMC and thew most important HCI and DCI. It's one if not the best item for warriors in the whole 
    Lord Morphius' Epaulettes - 10 SSI in this slot is unbeatable in this slot for warriors
    All new talismans with slayer types (An Bal Xen, In Corp Mani Xen etc.) - great alternative for Cameos

    So what next reward I would suggest? Some alternative to best in slot items (like Gloves of Feudal Grip have Gloves of the Holy Warrior now). For example Sentinel's Mempo or Balron Bone Armor could have some alternative item which for example could have skill bonus instead of stat bonus. Would be interesting to see some new item with +10-15 Anatomy skill increase. We have talisman with skill bonus, but vs Slayer type talismans it is no competition at all. 

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