Newsletter Confusion

@Mesanna @Kyronix I'm a little confused about what was said in this months Newsletter:
" The cannon updates and the plunder beacons have been so popular we are decided to leave them in as permanent features!" BUT, then it ALSO says, " While the Black Market is open today, it won't be forever so hit the High Seas and get those doubloons today!"

The reason it's so popular is because you can sell them for the items in the Black Market.  If you remove the market then there's no reason to do them.  Mind giving us a little clarification? 


  • KeldKeld Posts: 19
    I am uping my skills to make my cannons and to make the ingredients to fire then so the black market can close yet!! i want to enjoy the high seas in the near future!!

  • poppspopps Posts: 3,974
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    The Plunder Beacon ONLY current loot is the Mythical Maritime Trade Cargo.

    Nothing else comes out of it other then the little loot from the Orcs' Crew.

    Now, "if" the Black Market is going away, what would be the point of Attacking the "persistent" Plunder Beacons which would then give no Loot since the Black Market has ceased to exist ?

    Also, what does it exactly mean when the Newsletter says " While the Black Market is open today, it won't be forever so hit the High Seas and get those doubloons today!" ??

    For HOW LONG it will be able to turn in Maritime Trade Cargo for Doubloons points ?

    I hear that "WHIPS" are coming as a new Reward....

    If the Black Market will go away, HOW are we supposed to then get the New Whips' Rewards ?

    What is the TIMELINE that we are looking at ?

    And HOW MUCH TIME before the whatever deadline that will take away the Black Market will we know that it will be going away ?

    A Week before ?
    A Month Before ?

    I imagine, that a lot of players need to organize and, thus, to know before hand what is going to happen with UO's content in order to better organize their time in the game......
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815
    At least a month before the market goes away. New rewards will be available on June 1st.  Taking away the market soon after that would make putting out the new rewards useless.
  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 352
    From the newsletter...

    The reward cargo will also come into play in the next chapter of our ongoing arc we began with, Rising Tide!

    Whatever that means!
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,974
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    The Newsletter (, also says : "Our final batch of rewards to hit the Black Market will be on June 1st and we are sure you are going to love them! "

    Does the word "final " mean that June is the last month that will see Rewards to the Black Market ?

    That is, that the Black Market will be gone by the end of June as the July Publish will come live ?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,224
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    Yes final means last rewards.  None of us expected rewards to continue past June.

    They will prob leave Black market open until the Halloween Dungeon is created. We do not know if those drops may also be related to the pirate.  But they say something down the line will use the Pirate.

    I think you should spend time learning the mechanics of UO and less time worrying about when this turns off.  They will give us notice.

    Just because I predicted the Triton in May and the Whips in June does not mean all of you should try to be like me.  But you can learn what is going on in UO.  This event is for the whole of 2019.

    We have T maps, then September gifts and an event Forsaken Foes. Then October brings the Halloween event.(unless Forsaken Foes is the Halloween Event name)  December will be Jolly Roger.  I hear he is a chipper fellow named Roger.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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