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— Hi, fellow Great Lakers.

I am making this post in response to the myriad of messages I have been receiving:

I haven’t been in game regularly for a little over a month, at present, due to some RL responsibilities.

[[My oldest child is graduating high school this weekend and I have had a few other pressing matters to attend to while also organizing her grad party and dealing with out of town guests and such.]]

Please keep in mind that Tweety is the one who runs the monthly Fishing Tournament on GL and the Fishing Tournament House was hers. I just update the Official forums and that other forums site with the monthly winners/next month’s Tournament picks for her.

Since I haven’t been around for a bit, I am not sure what happened to the Fishing Tournament House.

I should be back in game on a fairly regular basis after this weekend and will do some sleuthing to find out if all is well and if the Tournament is still happening. 

Please check back in a few days to see if I have news for all who are concerned and confused.
~ Jennifer-Marie

"Insanity is a naturally occurring mutation; humanity has just managed to perfect it." -- JMK [[me]]


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    Thanks Jennifer-Marie.  Have a great weekend!
  • -- I don't have a lot of information to provide everyone, unfortunately. :(

    What I do know is this: Tweety apparently has some Real Life things happening that will be keeping her from the game ... or at least, keeping her from being able to handle the Fishing Tournament.

    I have checked on her castles a couple of times and they're standing and in good condition - so hopefully she is just taking a small hiatus.

    Dangling Worm, also, hasn't been around that I've seen since being back myself.

    I'm sorry to all who were enjoying the monthly contest. Hopefully it can start back up again when they're lives settle down.
    ~ Jennifer-Marie

    "Insanity is a naturally occurring mutation; humanity has just managed to perfect it." -- JMK [[me]]
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