Selling: Contents of Loaded Castle - Over 900 Different EM items from Season 7 to the Present

OlchOlch Posts: 36
Almost every EM Event item that is on display at my castle is up for sale. Come take a look and if you see anything you like or have any questions, comments, etc. please ICQ Olch at 1598439.

Read me:
I may be very slow to reply especially if you are asking for prices on multiple items.
Until an item is paid for in full no one has claim to it and may sell at any time. 
Item sets will not be broken up.
This sale is restricted EM-drop style items only. Server birth, unique, rubble, etc. items are unavailable.
If the item is not visibly locked down in my house it's not for sale.
Some EM items on display are not for sale.


  • OlchOlch Posts: 36
    Bunch of new items put out. Swing by and take a look.
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