One big pet peeve I think everyone can agree on

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Answer me this.

I ahve a tailor, scrolled to 120, with GM arms lore.  Why does the stuff he makes have only from 30-50'ish durability?   And it doesn't really matter what material I am using, be it leather or barbed or whatever.  Seems with the investment there should be better.  

I know the arms lore is supposed to give resist or damage bonuses, but should it also make anything we craft maybe have a solid 100 pts of durability?


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    Why is it that a Legendary Tailor can not make Legendary Items or a Legendary Smith can not make Legendary Items.
  • Indeed the durability is a problem ! Esp if you mass produse for newcomers and PoF is so expensive. 

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    PoF is expensive? The price is set by the same crafters who do BoDs, if they wanted to help out new players, they would sell the goods to newcomers pre-PoFed.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    I see Mervyn is back. hehe
  • Pof is expensive if you "mass produce"  suits for newcomers and reforge imbue etc in leather and use lots of pofs to be sure it lasts for a while even if they are not used to watch out for repair time. Ive done it for 15-ish years and now a guild mate has taken ower and have the same prob. I do bods and mine and sell PoF and I think its expensive!  But if i sell cheaper they end up on Atlantisc vendors. And im not interested in profit but I want our guild shop to be able to sell it to shard people. 
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