Greetings on Great Lake Shard, where there is still room for houses and little to no lag.

 Greetings fellow players on the Great Lakes Shard. So far I really like the Great Lakes Shard. I have seen the server population hit medium and very little to no lag. Also there are also a lot of nice housing plot still available. I just managed to snag a 18X18 lot.



  • TyrtleTyrtle Posts: 16
    Yep you can get a nice 18x18 on just about any facet you want.  We also have 2 auction houses.  One on Thursdays and one on Fridays.  If you haven't, you should check them out as well.  And player run events, much much fun on GL!!
  • GemGem Posts: 37
    FCB Fishmarket always has a rune book with locations to housing space--usually 18x18 or an interesting spot.  It's the green runebook in front.  It's on the road NW of Cove. NE of the  swamp.

  • Awesome!
  • InLorInLor Posts: 412
    I started out on Great Lakes in 1998.  B)
    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
  • GemGem Posts: 37
    InLor said:
    I started out on Great Lakes in 1998.  B)
    That's terrific :)
  • TandaTanda Posts: 22
    Also, our EMs are the greatest, we have a pair! EM events Tuesday nights 8 p.m. CST and Malachi is the author of the fiction that is going with this Khaldun/ Khal Ankur ( I may have spelled that wrong) story arc. 
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