Governor’s Meeting 4-28-19

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Governor’s Meeting 4-28-19

As he walks in HRM is speaking to the Lady Lavendar.  

King Blackthorn: He has not caught the nightwalker infection I see.  *laughs*  I hope our Minoc governor gets well soon.

Lavendar: Yes, indeed.  I'm sorry she is ill again
King Blackthorn: Wish her my best if you speak with her soon.  Lets get on with the meeting then.
Lavendar: I will do that
King Blackthorn: As usual, we will go over the governor reports for the month.  What say you regarding Vesper?

Lavendar: I have good news Your Highness
King Blackthorn: Oh? Do tell!
Lavendar: Thanks to the vigilance of other Governors and our populace who have been diligently fighting the pirates much of the maritime cargo that was stolen from our cities has been returned to the respective cities which in truth is a Godsend for.

King Blackthorn: Oh that is wonderful news!
Lavendar: trade deal payments,  we have been suffering long from lack of funds and we are most encouraged to see the coffers getting filled.  I hope it may mean the return of some of our governors next term.  I also think the teamwork has been most excellent.

King Blackthorn: That would be good to see 
Lavendar: Other than that, we have little news, summer is nearly here we look forward to some picnic days in Windemere woods hopefully they will soon be safe.

King Blackthorn: not to mention I hear the Treasure hunter union is preparing to revamp their skill set and hopefully uncover better treasures
Lavendar: That will be a most interesting new development
King Blackthorn: Many  good things are coming.  Has any of the other governors perhaps, relayed to you their reports to bring tonight?

Lavendar: My only news was that Lady of Minoc was ill.  Perhaps Drakelord has more information.
King Blackthorn: Well thank you for your report tonight.  I will open the floor to our esteemed guests.

*Stands and Bows to HRM and M’lady Lavendar*

Drakelord: Sorry all I was told she was ill and would return at the next meeting.  I have something to report.

*Hands the King Ship Plans*

Drakelord: Your Highness, Governors.
King Blackthorn: Oh thank you

Drakelord: I am here to report rumors, words spoke at the city’s docks thru out the land, dock workers report of shipwright being kidnaped, Orc pirates sailing within arrow range of cities close to the waters edge.  

Tall beacons being constructed at sea from capture merchant ships, all this is being led, done by one man, Capt Hook.

That was sent to me from the shipwright office at Moonglow. This ship, the Crown Jewels is being constructed somewhere in secret, those plans came to me from Kin on Moonglow, she risk her life to retrieve them, all of you know of her and she sends word that she will return someday to this meeting at a more pleasant time for now she seek more information of the whereabouts of the location where they are constructing that ship.  

*points to the Plans he handed to HRM*

That is all I have Sire.

King Blackthorn: Thank you Drakelord.  We will look into that further.  Clym have you anything for us tonight?
Clym of Clough: Not really, I do apologize on behalf of the Skara governor
King Blackthorn: It is alright.
Clym of Clough: he has had a lot of illness or other things that have caused  him to miss the meetings
King Blackthorn: our meetings have been a bit lite recently
Clym of Clough: if he does not continue his governorship at the next election

King Blackthorn: Would have hoped to have seen the governor that we rescheduled your meetings for coming but haven’t seen her in 2 months
Clym of Clough: i may run again since money is a lot easier
Drakelord: *nods*
Lavendar: We would love to see you on our council again  I have missed your sage wisdom and that of other governors
King Blackthorn: It would be great to have some of our old governors back in office
Drakelord: we will be sure to drop cargo at the Skara minister
Clym of Clough: I was governor for several years and it was a very severe financial drain
Lavendar: I completely understand
Clym of Clough: so i gave it up and evidently at exactly the wrong time, heh.  I hope more governors will be interested now
Drakelord: we been working hard to get Minoc, Vesper, Moonglow up we will help with Skara
King Blackthorn: Would be glad to see you both back in office if you are both interested, come re-election
Drakelord: My Kin will be running for Moonglow
Clym of Clough: Thank you
Lavendar: I thank you for the help we were down to hardly any gold left when the pirate booty started to be donated
Drakelord: as I am a citizen of Brit I cannot run for office But my kin will run
King Blackthorn: Perhaps once the re-election comes around I will host some festivals to celebrate each town

Lavendar: I would love to see us have a full council.  I know many had to leave because of finances I almost did in truth the Lady of Minoc
Drakelord: *looks to Mafu*
Lavendar: convinced me to stay one more term and now I will not have the financial drain I will happily run again

King Blackthorn: Mafu have you anything for us tonight?
Clym of Clough: Skara is special to me, so I would like to see it prosper and thrive.  As I'm sure many of the ex governors feels for their cities
King Blackthorn: Don't be afraid to speak Mafu. 
Clym of Clough: excuse my poor English
King Blackthorn: I don't Bite
King Blackthorn: Lavander might
Lavendar: nay
King Blackthorn: I guess that is it for tonight, if no one has anything else to add
King Blackthorn: Meetings have been rather short 
mafu: oh hail
Lavendar: Hail Mafu
King Blackthorn: He speaks!
Drakelord: Hail
Clym of Clough: Hail and well met
King Blackthorn: Have you anything for us Mafu?
mafu: sorry im Japanese, hard to here English
Lavendar: we invite you to speak
Drakelord: Welcome to Sonoma
Lavendar: Aye, welcome to our land
Clym of Clough: ah welcome to our Sonoma
mafu: TX lots
King Blackthorn: Indeed welcome  *awkward silence*
Drakelord: indeed
King Blackthorn: Alright then
Clym of Clough: yes
King Blackthorn: Well I will call an end to the meeting ,  but you are welcome to speak to Xanthus briefly at the statue outside
Lavendar: Thank you, Your Highness

King Blackthorn: good night all

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