Governor Meeting the 28th of April

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@EM Xanthus  @Mesanna

((I will be attending the meeting, and will speak, below is the speech I have prepared))

Your Highness, Governors.

I am here to report rumors, words spoke at the city’s docks thru out the land, dock workers report of shipwright being kidnaped, Orc pirates sailing within arrow range of cities close to the water’s edge.  Tall beacons being constructed at sea from capture merchant ships, all this is being led, done by one man, Capt Hook

This was sent to me from the shipwright office at Moonglow

*hands the king ship plans*

This ship, the “Crown Jewels” is being constructed somewhere in secret, those plans came to me from Kin on Moonglow, she risk her life to retrieve them, all of you know of her and she sends word that she will return someday to this meeting at a more pleasant time for now she seek more information of the whereabouts of the location where they are constructing that ship.

((I plan on handing you this in trade, lock it down and keep it for the duration of the story arch))
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    The Governor of Minoc, will not be there... 
    She has been unavoidably detained for a few days...
    On her return the city treasuries will be enriched with the donations she has received from her adventures on the High Seas...

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