What's happening at Angelwood Rune Library and Vendor Mall

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quick update

I have relocated the dye tubs to the back room and added to the front area

  • a public Davies Locker (take your tmap along deposit it, check the coords and withdraw it). It may come in handy with the new T-hunter things on the way for those who do not have a locker of their own.
  • a public Seed Box (take along a seed to get it identified by depositing it and withdrawing it)
  • a public Commodity Deed Box, just in case you need it, although it is more for my benefit :)

Due to the new vet reward Repair Bench being so much easier to stock and supply repair deeds (not to mention using the bench saves time going to the relevant shops to actually get the repair)  I will no long be selling repair deeds but will be offering them free of charge from the shop.  This repair bench is set for anyone to use and it may also be restocked by any crafter of the skill levels as listed below:

legendary smith
legendary tailor
gm carpenter, tinker, fletcher, mason and glassblower.

All help to maintain stocking this bench would be appreciated especially if you get in the habit of using the free repairs.  (If you don't have a crafter and begin to use the bench regularly then toss a few blank scrolls in the mailbox occasionally as a thank you for the freebies :) 

As I have freed up two vendors I will also be doing some work on the existing ones, so stuff may move around a bit.  I will be doing a  lot of price reduction over this time too on items that are lagging in sale so keep your eyes open.

Rune Library

I will also be doing some work upstairs in the rune library over the next few months so sorry for any inconvenience caused while I transition from the current layout to an A-Z layout.  I expect this will take a good while as I expect to be going away sometime mid may for a month or so.


I will be getting rid of a lot of excess stuff at a few auctions also over the next few months, I will advertise here and also with a book drop closer to the time. 



Cheers MissE

For more info about Angelwood Warehouse Events go to the A.W.E Forum


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    Really nice library, thank you
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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