Bamboo "Fix" Fix

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Well they got in a big hurry to trash how the game looks. Any word out there when they are gonna fix it now? I went on test and there's no houses to look at and I don't see any options to see the game normally again. I hope this doesn't get bungled up. We had a player on the "other forums" today wondering what was wrong with their game and why couldn't they see the houses. Hopefully every new player won't think the game is under construction now or just an ugly trash heap. Anyway, if there's any M&Gs coming to your shard please ask about this! I want my game back :) The game is so ugly now.
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    is there not an option as to how many houses load ?
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    On CC there is an option to cache a number of houses, max 1k.
    But I don't think it will affect run-by display in the world, basically only what you "visit" the most, so still have to run up on steps, and no guarantee it will cache right away.

    We used this a lot for the old RP towns.

    Personally, this doesn't bother me - I'm slow all the time anyway.

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