Minoc Market on the Square

NyreNyre Posts: 47
Hello Catskills another Minoc Market on the Square and Archery contest will be held on Friday May 24th at 6:30 PM EST to 8:30 PM  EST.  Bring your Archers to get your chance at 10 Million Gold.  Also Bring your merchants to sell your wares. 

Archery Contest Rules this month will be.  

Naked Archery with Store bought bows.  

5 shots and highest score moves on to next round.  in Case of an uneven number of attendees  (which I didn't plan for last month)  The highest scoring eliminated player will shoot again to advance. .  

Prizes are as follows
10 Million for 1st Place
5 Million for 2nd place
2.5 Million for 3rd place

Bonus:  1 million for anyone who scores more then 310 points. 

Nyre Lars

Governor of Minoc.  
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