Free IDOC runes for everyone

Im going to start marking all malas, tokuno and royal city idocs every week to share with everyone. I will add Tokuno and the Royal City tomorrow. I will try to mark as many as I can in trammel.

Rune book (only have malas done) is on the porch of the 1st house out umbras east side. Only one was greatly, but there is a sm right out lunas north gate. Vendor is called free idoc runes book on porch. You should probably mark your own runes as im sure these will get blocked.

I understand many just don't have the time to search, took 2 hours just for malas, so I hope I make some of you happy and you get great items or a house you want.

This is for everyone to get free stuff, houses and just have fun, so tell your friends. I welcome anyone that wants to help maybe we can get the whole shard marked every week. Enjoy


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