Player events March 16-18

BasaraBasara Posts: 160
Basara of HH and Mylene of MHC (the latter, Governor of Britain), will be hosting public (or as close to it as we can manage) hunts all weekend long, with breaks taken for things such as official events (and sleep). Other guilds such as O*T, UMP, and others will assist as necessary. Hunts may begin as early as Friday afternoon, and may run past midnight on Sunday.

Planned are attempts to do each non-Fel Champion spawn boss at least once (repeating some locations as necessary to get all the bosses), and do as many of the Peerless and other major named creature fights as possible. This will include white net tosses for leviathans and Scalis.

Requested are aid in collecting some of the peerless keys during the 11th-15th.


  • BasaraBasara Posts: 160
    Events are underway - we did 3 champs and 2 peerless last night, and will probably do a lot more today.
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